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We invest venture capital in outstanding teams with innovative business models – We empower Tech Companies.

We are bmp Ventures

Since 1997 we have been the partner in crime for early-stage and growth startups.

25 years of venture capital experience meets innovation: 11 funds, over 250 investments, 120 exits and more than 20 IPOs.

In addition to providing our portfolio companies with financial resources, founders benefit from our team’s experience and international network. We are the strategic advisor at their side – from seed phase to exit.


We go the extra mile for our founders.

We are prepared to do everything possible to drive highly innovative business models forward. As a committed, proactive investor we are always at the side of our currently more than 50 portfolio companies. Both in times of rapid growth as well as in crisis situations.

Investment strategy

We invest in innovative and scalable companies, often as lead investor and with investments starting from 350,000 EUR. Our sweet spot is between EUR 1.5-3 million per financing round, with total investments of up to EUR 10 million.

Get in touch

You would like to partner with one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany?

We are always happy to exchange ideas with startups, investors, and strategic partners. The investment process for your venture starts with the pitch deck.

Since 1997, we have been investing in exceptional founders and pioneering technologies. We are driven by the urge to constantly challenge and improve the status quo.

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About us

100% commitment. Our philosophy is to always support our portfolio companies and shoulder their entrepreneurial challenges together.

In 25 years we have managed 10 VC funds. Our track record comprises well over 250 investments, over 120 exits and more than 20 IPOs.

Our portfolio companies benefit from our extensive network of entrepreneurs, industry partners and co-investors such as business angels, venture capital firms, family offices, and state and development banks.

With our investment strategy we focus on committed entrepreneurs with big ideas who want to build innovative companies in growing markets. After investing, we strengthen all essential elements of our investments, and see ourselves as sparring partners for the further development of the company.

In numbers

Our goal is to invest in dynamically growing companies, in order to develop them sustainably and to achieve a sound return for our investors.

We invest in innovative companies in the following industries: Digital Solutions, Life Sciences & eHealth, Industry & Deeptech, Media & Gaming, Cleanteach & Planet Positive, Mobility & Automotive, FinTech & LegalTech.

Our investments per company start at 350,000 EUR in seed financing rounds. In early-stage financing rounds we invest between 500,000 and 3 million EUR, while we can provide a total of up to 10 million EUR per company.

250 +


120 +



Current funds

20 +


160 M+

Total fund volume

Early Stage/ Growth

Investment phase

50 +

Active portfolio companies

Our philosophy

Our investment decisions are not driven by the obsessive search for the next unicorn.



For many of our portfolio companies, we are the first institutional investor. We finance acceleration to achieve notable company goals and provide liquidity for at least 18 months.



We invest alone as lead investor or together with co-investors, some of which are part of our extensive network.



We usually invest not just once, but over several financing rounds, adapting to an individual company’s growth. This enables us to build up a healthy and economically sustainable company over time.



The average holding period of our investments is 6 years, but can be over 10 years depending on the technology.

Previously managed VC funds

In 25 years we have managed 11 VC funds.

As a professional partner, we have taken on mandates for various fund investors, including KfW Bankengruppe, König & Cie., and the German federal states of Brandenburg and Saxony-Anhalt.


bmp media investors AG


bmp Venture Tech GmbH


Central & Eastern Europe Venture GmbH


König & Cie. International Private Equity GmbH & Co. KG


König & Cie. II International Private Equity GmbH & Co. KG


BFB Frühphasenfonds Brandenburg GmbH


IBG Innovationsfonds GmbH & Co. KG (Vintage 2007)


IBG Risikokapitalfonds I GmbH & Co. KG (Vintage 2007)


IBG Risikokapitalfonds II GmbH & Co. KG (Vintage 2007)


IBG Risikokapitalfonds III GmbH & Co. KG


IBG Risikokapitalfonds IV GmbH & Co. KG
Sustainable leadership

We recognise the increasing importance of ESG principles and aim to address them more intensively in the future.

We see ESG criteria as an integral part of our business and are committed to continuously strengthening our environmental, social and governance efforts and ensuring that our ESG measures are in line with our corporate objectives and long-term strategy.


We actively contribute to the reduction of operational CO2 emissions and have been CO2 neutral since October 2022. We calculate our CO2 footprint via the non-profit organisation Prima Klima e.V. and offset it by reforesting forests. In addition, we have financed the planting of more than 1.000 trees to date, some of which we carry out ourselves in Brandenburg.

An environmentally conscious way of working is very important to us at bmp Ventures. We promote this by providing bicycles as pool vehicles for the short business trips of our employees at both locations. Train journeys by our employees are subsidised with a Bahn-Card 50 or – for very intensive use – with a Bahn-Card 100. We encourage our employees to make inner-city journeys by public transport or bicycle. In 2023, one business flight was undertaken whose CO2 emissions were completely offset. Company cars and pool vehicles are gradually being converted to hybrid or battery-electric drives. Our goal is to reduce service delivery by 5% annually.

Social field

At bmp, we promote a diverse employee structure and create the framework to ensure that differences in employees, especially by gender, age and disability, are taken into account fairly. We are a founding member of the #startupdiversity initiative of the Startup Verband.

We design all personnel processes to be non-discriminatory and do not tolerate discrimination. Since our founding, the quota of women at bmp has been similarly high and is currently 42%. We also pay attention to equal pay and strengthen the work-life balance by offering the possibility to work in a home office and flexible working hours. We also offer regular further training, such as foreign language courses with private teachers, IT courses or further training in the respective specialist area of the employees.


We attach great importance to transparent and responsible corporate governance. Therefore, we have established clear rules of conduct and guidelines for our employees and partners. All employees and partners are obliged to submit a declaration on private shareholdings, supervisory and advisory board mandates, data protection, money laundering prevention procedures and the bmp Code of Conduct.

Among other things, employees and partners are not permitted – with the exception of listed investments that are not portfolio companies (up to 5% of the share capital) – to invest in companies, conduct business with investees or accept benefits without prior review by the compliance officer.
bmp has a functioning internal control system that was audited and endorsed by an independent auditor after its implementation.

We strive to ensure that our company always complies with the highest standards of corporate governance and that our employees and partners observe the rules and regulations relating to management and compliance.

Objectives and Monitoring

Our goal is to continuously improve and expand our ESG activities. To ensure this, we will regularly review our ESG measures and develop new measures as needed. In addition, we will also advocate ESG principles in our portfolio companies and support them in implementing their own ESG measures.

We will consider the implementation of ESG criteria at all stages of our investment process and network with other investors and organisations to share our experiences and best practices.

Dr. Jan Alberti
Eva Schulz
Jacqueline Bäker
Philipp Kopp
Dr. Maren Gerasch
Andreas van Bon

We strive for excellence as much as you do.

Our 20-person interdisciplinary team has over 250 years of venture capital experience under its belt. Over the years, we have successfully managed over 10 venture capital funds. At bmp Ventures, we cover all necessary venture capital management resources for investments and fund mandates in-house.

Smart money for smart people. We are the VC fund for founders from seed to growth phase.

Our investment approach

To be clear: we do not search for the next unicorn.

From day 1, we put emphasis on strengthening the entrepreneurs, because the sustainable success of a startup depends on more than just financing rounds.

That’s why our strategy is to contribute our profound expertise as well as our first-class network in order to help tech companies succeed.


For the first round. to improve and develop team, product, marketing, and sales structures as well as to help gain traction and enhance KPIs.

Series A

The mission is bigger and it doesn’t end. Neither does ours! These investments are typically between EUR 1.5-3 million. The focus is on scaling the company.


With up to EUR 10 million per investment, we can accompany startups into the expansion phase or invest directly in growth financing.

Spin-off financing

Spin-offs from companies can unleash enormous potential for innovation and returns. We are the specialized partner for organizational structuring and financing.

When we invest

In addition to innovative ideas and scalable business models, we invest primarily in entrepreneurs.

In many cases, we are the first institutional investor in our portfolio companies. With our investment and hands-on investment management, we support the achievement of ambitious company goals while ensuring financing for at least 18 months. In doing so, we invest alone as lead investor or together with co-investors from our extensive network.

Typically, we invest not only once, but over several financing rounds and, if the company is growing accordingly, we do so several times. We thus enable companies to grow sustainably over time.

100 %


45 %

First revenues

1,2 M

Early Stage

3,0 M

Series A/B


Average number of financing rounds

6 Y

Average holding period per investment

Where we invest

Our focus lies on scalable, forward-thinking business models with clear USPs that notably differentiate themselves from the status quo.

At bmp Ventures we invest in companies from the following industries:

Digital Solutions

Industry & Deeptech

Media & Gaming

Life Sciences & eHealth

Cleantech & Planet Positive

Mobility & Automotive

FinTech & LegalTech

How we work

From day 1 our portfolio companies can count on our support.

Since ventures often face the same challenges, we connect our portfolio companies with each other to enable a direct exchange between the founders.

Moreover, our annual bmp Portfolio Day offers companies a casual setting to network with selected network partners and the other portfolio companies. Through our close cooperation with various (technology) partners, we are also able to pass on many advantages for the establishment and expansion of technical infrastructure.

Partner in crime

Sparring partner for all operational and strategic issues and questions related to building a company.

VC infrastructure

Free VC infrastructure for accounting, controlling and legal.


Feedback and fine-tuning of business models, marketing plans, sales activities and management processes.


Set-up and analysis of the companies’ key value drivers and key performance indicators (KPIs).


Support in the execution of company valuations and capital increases including the preparation of investment agreements and employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs).


Assistance in preparing pitch deck and financial planning to approach additional investors. Acquisition of additional capital.


We take an active role in structuring financing rounds, due diligence and exit processes.

Raising capital

We acquire additional venture capital, mezzanine capital or debt capital.


Term sheet and exit negotiations for company sales.

Get in touch

Would you like to have one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany at your side?

We are always happy to exchange ideas with startups, investors, and strategic partners. The investment process for your venture starts with submitting your pitch deck.

Events that connect bright minds with a spirit of innovation.

Our events offer startups and investors first-class opportunities to build strong networks and drive success together.

Whether the bmp Academy, the bmp Unternehmer Lounge or the bmp Portfolio Day – at our events, founders meet investors, leading industry experts and important partner companies.

We also take part in selected external start-up events where we are happy to talk to you.

Motion.Lab Ecosystem Dinner 18. Jan. 2024 Berlin
Food Innovation Pitch Night 23. Jan. 2024 Bernburg
Silicon Allee Deep Tech Night 25. Jan. 2024 Berlin
bmp Ventures: Unternehmer Lounge Sachsen-Anhalt 01. Feb. 2024 Halle
The Berlin Founder and Investor Meetup 05. Feb. 2024 Berlin
Deep Tech Night – Silicon Allee 22. Feb. 2024 Berlin
0100 Converence DACH 2024 28.-29. Feb. 2024 Wien
Pitch & Meet at Factory 29. Feb. 2024 Berlin
bmp Academy: Inhalte & Anforderungen von Arbeitsverträgen 06. März 2024 Webinar
Connecting the Dots 2024 06. März 2024 Berlin
Startup Demo Night 07. März 2024 Nürnberg
ClimateX Hub Insights 13. März 2024 Berlin
Kickoff Veranstaltung Business Angels Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. 14. März 2024 Magdeburg
Investoren Lunch Mitteldeutschland 20. März 2024 Leipzig
Reaktor Berlin Demo Day 21. März 2024 Berlin
Sachsen Anhalt starts up! Investitionen in Sachsen-Anhalts Zukunft! 03. Apr. 2024 Magdeburg
bmp Ventures: Unternehmer Lounge Sachsen-Anhalt 04. Apr. 2024 Magdeburg
Investors on Board – Health Edition 08. Apr. 2024 Berlin
Open Mic Pitch at hubraum 09. Apr. 2024 Berlin
bmp Academy: Stell die Weichen auf Wachstum 10. Apr. 2024 Webinar
HTW Startup Challenge 16. Apr. 2024 Berlin
Gründungswettbewerb – Digitale Innovation Preisverleihung 22. Apr. 2024 Berlin
IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland 23. Apr. 2024 Leipzig
Hannover Messe – Startup Meetup 23. Apr. 2024 Hannover
Venture SPRIND 2024 24. Apr. 2024 Berlin
bmp Academy: Langweiliges Marketing ist teuer – mach Schluss damit! 07. Mai 2024 Webinar
Digital Health Cocktail Hour 15. Mai 2024 Berlin
Greentech Festival 16.-17. Mai 2024 Berlin
RWTH Incubation Program Demo Day Spring Batch 2024 27. Mai 2024 Online
HHL SpinLab Investor Days 29. Mai 2024 Leipzig
Accelerate Circularity – A Pitch Event by the Circularity Hub 30. Mai 2024 Berlin
Hardtech Innovation Demo Day at Motion Lab 31. Mai 2024 Berlin
Climate & Health Soirée 03. Juni 2024 Berlin
Rooftop Pitches 03. Juni 2024 Potsdam
Techno VC 2024 05. Juni 2024 Berlin
Investor Days Thüringen 06. Juni 2024 Erfurt
Startup Fightclub 06. Juni 2024 Halle
bmp Academy: Einführung & einfache Handhabung der DSGVO 11. Juni 2024 Webinar
HTGF family day 11.-12- Juni 2024 Berlin
Start-up Demo Day TechFounders & XPRENEURS by UnternehmerTUM 11. Juni 2024 München
Gründerszene Spätschicht – Summer Edition 27. Juni 2024 Berlin
Portfolio Day Berlin Angel Fund 2024 12. Juli 2024 Berlin
bmp Academy: Inhalt & Gestaltung von Pitch Decks 07. Aug. 2024 Webinar
bmp Ventures: Portfolio Day 05. Sep. 2024 Magdeburg
bmp Academy: Projektmanagement für eine systematische Ansprache geeigneter Investoren 10. Sep. 2024 Webinar
Hightech Venture Days 09. Okt. 2024 Dresden
bmp Academy: Unternehmensbewertung 06. Nov. 2024 Webinar
bmp Ventures: Unternehmer Lounge Sachsen-Anhalt 05. Dez. 2024 Magdeburg
bmp Academy: Erste Schritte im Finance 10. Dez. 2024 Webinar
Get in Touch

Would you like to have one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany at your side?

We are always happy to exchange ideas with startups, investors, and strategic partners. The investment process for your venture starts with submitting your pitch deck.

We are only as successful as our startups.

In the selected case studies, we explain why we see potential in the ideas of the founders, how we as bmp Ventures provide operational support, and which milestones we have already achieved together.

Get in touch

Are you looking for one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany?

Look no further! We are always happy to exchange ideas with startups, investors, and strategic partners. The investment process for your venture starts with the pitch deck.

Do you want to support ambitious founders in turning their ideas into reality?

We offer you one of the most exciting and challenging jobs in a dynamic market environment and in a highly motivated team of 20 investment professionals. Your colleagues from controlling, legal and tax will provide you with the support you need to fulfill your tasks. We have very flat hierarchis and an open-door policy among the partners, so that decisions can always be made promptly.

Ready, set – go! Bringe Dein bmp Investment auf den Weg.

Pitch Deck hochladen

So startest Du den Investmentprozess.

Du bist Gründer:in und auf der Suche nach einem erfahrenden Partner, der Dir hilft Deine Idee(n) zu verwirklichen? Dann sollten wir uns kennenlernen. Grundlage für ein erstes Gespräch sind folgende Unterlagen:

  • Sende uns Dein Pitch Deck, Onepager, Executive Summary oder Business Plan (Präferenz in absteigender Reihenfolge). Als Hilfe und Orientierung kannst Du unser Muster-Pitch-Deck nutzen.
  • Deine Finanzplanung nehmen wir gerne als Excel-Datei entgegen.

    Pitch Deck hochladen

    Pitch Deck hochladen (pdf / max. 14MB)*

    Finanzierungsplan hochladen (xls, xlsx, numbers / max. 5MB)


    Der persönliche Kontakt

    Komme mit uns ins Gespräch.

    Triff uns auf einem Startup-Event. Im letzten Jahr waren wir auf über 200 Events, Konferenzen und Messen. Im bmp Ventures Event-Kalender siehst Du auf einen Blick wo Du uns als nächstes treffen kannst. Sprich uns dort gerne direkt an. Außerdem findet jährlich der bmp Portfolio Day statt, bei dem sich neben allen Portfoliounternehmen auch unser Netzwerk an einem Ort trifft.

    Kontaktiere uns alternativ direkt per E-Mail.

    Unser Investmentprozess

    Dein Weg vom Pitch Deck zum Portfoliounternehmen

    Der Investmentprozess bei bmp Ventures durchläuft mehrere Stufen, bei denen es zunächst darum geht herauszufinden, ob wir zueinander passen. Ist das der Fall, klären wir die Details unserer Zusammenarbeit.


    Sende uns Deine Unterlagen (Pitch Deck, Onepager, Executive Summary oder Business Plan – Präferenz in absteigender Reihenfolge). Du kannst gerne unser Muster-Pitch-Deck als Inspiration nutzen.

    Erstes Meeting

    Besprechung des Pitch Decks, der Finanzplanung, der Daten zur Traktion und des Cap Tables im Telefonat oder Video Call

    Zweites Meeting

    Meeting mit zuständigem Partner, Q&A, Besprechung der Details im Telefonat oder Video Call


    Wesentliche finanzielle und rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen eines Investments

    Due Diligence

    Prüfung wirtschaftlicher, finanzieller, steuerlicher, rechtlicher, technischer Aspekte

    Investmentkomitee Meeting

    Präsentation und Q&A vor dem Investment-/ Beteiligungsausschuss


    Juristische Ausarbeitung des Beteiligungsvertrags, notarielle Beurkundung, Auszahlung des Investments

    Sie haben ein spannendes Venture oder suchen den direkten Kontakt zu uns?

    Für allgemeine Anfragen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte per E-Mail:

    Haben Sie eine spannende Investitionsmöglichkeit für uns? Nutzen Sie unsere Informationen und Upload-Möglichkeit zum Einreichen Ihres Pitch Decks.


    Schlüterstraße 38
    10629 Berlin

    Tel. +49 (0)30 2030 50
    Fax +49 (0)30 2030 5555

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    Am Alten Theater 4
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    Tel. +49 (0)391 532 8140
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    The latest news from us and our founders as well as exciting insights into ventures, exits and the perfect pitch.

    Das Neueste von uns und unseren Gründer:innen sowie spannende Insights zu Ventures, Exits und dem perfekten Pitch.

    Since 1997 bmp Ventures has been investing in technology companies with high growth and sustainable business models from various industries.

    When financing our ventures, we regularly invest together with co-investors such as business angels, venture capital firms, family offices, or state and development banks.

    Sparring partner – we support our founders in all entrepreneurial matters and in a goal-oriented manner while also being a reliable partner for our fund mandates.

    As an interdisciplinary team we have made more than 250 investments and realized more than 120 exits (secondaries, trade sales and IPOs).

    This makes us one of the most experienced VC investors in Germany. With our competence, experience, and expertise, we stand by our founders as a professional partner in all ups and downs.

    Get in Touch

    You would like to partner with one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany?

    We are always happy to exchange ideas with startups, investors, and strategic partners. The investment process for your venture starts with the pitch deck.

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    (2) We will update the data protection declaration from time to time due to the technical progress of our offers. Insofar as the change to the data protection declaration does not affect the use of existing data, the new data protection declaration will apply from the date of its update on our website. A change to the data protection declaration that relates to the use of data already collected will only be made if it is reasonable for you. In such a case, we will notify you in good time by e-mail, on our website or in another form. You have the right to object to the validity of the new data protection declaration within four weeks of receipt of the notification. In the event of an objection, we reserve the right to terminate the contractual relationship. If no objection is made within the aforementioned period, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended data protection declaration. We will inform you of your right of objection and the significance of the objection period in the notification.

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