10. April 2024

Wingfield enters the pickleball market and partners with leading US franchise

Wingfield Pickleball

One game is currently taking over the sports landscape in the United States. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, pickleball is now in its third year as the fastest-growing sport in the United States. In the last 12 months, 48.3 million Americans played pickleball, with about 8.5 million picking up a racket more than eight times a year. Since 2022, that is an impressive increase of 35% (as of 2023).

After successfully establishing Wingfield in the tennis market, we are pleased to announce our expansion into one of the fastest growing sports in America and the world. Pickleball enthusiasts, from casual players to competitive athletes, can look forward to a new era of game improvement tools and analytics, including interactive drills, comprehensive game analysis, AI-powered video capabilities and live streaming.

Installed on the pitch, the Wingfield Box guarantees high precision in capturing every aspect of the game, ensuring that the insights players receive are both precise and highly actionable. Wingfield leads the way with its user-centric design, combining effortless ease of use with instant access to videos and statistics. By simply logging into the Wingfield Box, players avoid the hassle of setting up cameras or smartphones and save valuable time on the pitch by allowing them to fully concentrate on practicing or playing to improve. The tracking system automatically uploads all videos and statistics after a session for players to access using their mobile devices. You can find a detailed overview of all the functions of the Wingfield Box for Pickleball here

Wingfield box for pickleball

The pickleball community is driven by innovation and exciting ideas that evolve the game. We’re excited to enter the sport with our proven technology and offer players new ways to analyze, improve and share their on-court highlights.

Jaan Brunken (Founder and COO, Wingfield)

Close partnership between Wingfield and The Picklr

The Picklr has chosen Wingfield’s technology as its official video and tracking solution. Their recent success and growth plan to build at least 1,800 new indoor pickleball courts nationwide by the end of 2025 makes Picklr the leading pickleball franchise in the United States. “Picklr’s passion and commitment to providing the best pickleball experience possible is inspiring and we look forward to this partnership,” says Brunken. As part of the partnership, multiple wingfield courts will be installed at all The Picklr clubs.

The Picklr is pleased to announce this partnership.
We always strive to work with the very best and we see that in Wingfield. We wanted to create something special, bold and innovative in the industry that Picklr members can’t get elsewhere. It’s important to us that our members not only receive first-class gaming conditions, but also first-class technology that complements their play and enhances their experience.

James Hurlock, Chief Brand Officer of The Picklr


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