Dr. Jan Alberti

Managing Partner

Dr. Jan Alberti
About Jan

Dr. Jan Alberti has been a board member of bmp Ventures since 2017.

He is responsible for the acquisition of new investments as well as marketing and PR.

Jan started as an Investment Manager at bmp Ventures AG in 2013, after building a high-tech incubator from 2007–2013 (GO:INcubator), from 2010 to 2013 as General Manager. Since then, he has been funding startups, mainly in the areas of SaaS, Big Data, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Mobility and Digital Automotive. After several working stints in the US and China, including at HSBC (2006) and Siemens Healthcare USA (2004–2005), he received his PhD from University of Potsdam in 2010.

Jan is a car geek, loves mountain biking, snowboarding and everything fast.

Focus areas
  • Internet/ Software/ Mobile
  • Mobility

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