23. April 2024

IMERO Technologies secures €2 million total investment for expansion in the digital label sector

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Halle (Saale), 12.04.2024 – The innovative start-up IMERO, founded in 2021, announces that it has raised a total of 2 million euros in equity in its latest financing round. Investors include existing investor BA² GmbH and new investor bmp Ventures with the IBG funds. Both have recognized IMERO’s enormous potential in the growing digital label market.

IMERO has recently caused a stir in the wine sector with the successful use of its e-label.eu platform: thanks to the start-up company, new mandatory transparency information can be integrated much more easily than before using digital labels.

Dr. Benedikt Mayer, CEO of IMERO, comments on the development in the labeling market: “We are on the cusp of a revolution in the world of labels. In view of new regulations and the growing need for transparency in terms of production, service and recycling, digital labels that make information much more easily accessible using QR codes or NFC chips are the future.”

IMERO uses artificial intelligence to collect the necessary information and enables companies to display this information according to their needs using intuitive no-code software. This leads to a win-win situation: companies gain more freedom in the design of packaging and direct customer contact, while customers benefit from increased transparency and easier access to services.

Industry leaders outside the wine sector such as Wilson, Esprit and Ortlieb are also using IMERO’s advanced software to improve their service offering and after-sales support through digital labeling solutions.

With the fresh capital, IMERO plans to further expand its offering and develop additional platforms that will make it easier for companies to comply with new transparency laws and expand the service and after-sales area globally.

Dr. Jan Alberti from bmp Ventures is convinced: “In the future, every product will have a digital label, and IMERO will play a key role in facilitating this transformation for companies with the help of its scalable technology.”

Axel Bree, CEO at Stratic, adds : “Digital labeling is already a decisive competitive advantage for our company Stratic. As a pioneer in the suitcase and bag market, we opted for IMERO technology two years ago. It enables us to offer individual and innovative services and to learn more about our customers’ needs. We are also ideally positioned with regard to the upcoming transparency regulations as part of the European Green Deal.”

IMERO is at the forefront of the digital labeling revolution and is ready to further shape and transform the market with its innovative solutions.

About IBG funds
The IBG funds, headquartered in Magdeburg, are the venture capital funds of the country of Saxony-Anhalt – they provide capital to young, innovative technology companies with sustainable and above average growth potential, based in Saxony-Anhalt. By the end of 2023, IBG launched the new venture capital fund, RKF IV, with a volume of 63 million euros. The fund is financed by the state and the European Union and invests in innovative startups in Saxony-Anhalt in the seed, early stage, and expansion. The IBG funds are managed by bmp Ventures AG.

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About bmp Ventures
With a track record of over 250 investments across nearly all technology segments, mainly in the early-stage phase, bmp Ventures is one of the most experienced venture capital investors in Germany. In addition to direct investments, bmp managed venture capital funds for institutions such as the KfW Banking Group and DEG, the German Investment and Development Corporation. Currently, bmp oversees the IBG funds in Saxony-Anhalt and employs approximately 20 experts across its Berlin and Magdeburg locations.

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About BA² GmbH
BA2 GmbH is an investment company founded by three experienced entrepreneurs. Together, the three business professionals use their extensive and long-standing expertise from various business sectors as well as their outstanding network to support and promote promising start-ups and companies. Their particular focus is on sustainability and innovation.


About IMERO Technologies GmbH
IMERO is a pioneer in the field of digital labeling, enabling companies to efficiently provide information about their products through the use of QR codes and NFC chips. Since its foundation in 2021, IMERO has set itself the goal of strengthening the relationship between manufacturers and consumers and establishing a new standard in product labeling.


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