The most sophisticated car scanner in the world.


The challenge

Based on the latest sensor technologies and current findings from AI research, Twinner generates Digital Twinns® of vehicles within a very short time, thus simplifying remarketing and repairs.

The automotive market is one of the largest global markets and is currently undergoing upheaval in many respects: trade in new and used cars is increasingly shifting to online platforms and new mobility concepts such as car sharing are becoming more and more established. The need for time- and cost-efficient ways to digitize vehicle data has never been greater.

Twinner delivers the game changer for automotive retailers and fleet operators: a unique, automated digitization solution, which supports them with digital 3D models of vehicles for damage and value assessment as well as online marketing.

Why we invested

Twinner impressed us primarily with its unique combination of hardware and software innovation, which makes it possible to obtain unprecedented datasets of vehicles. On the one hand, this opens up the potential for the company to position itself as a technology leader in a global growth market. On the other hand, Twinner’s technology closes a significant gap in the digital value chains of the automotive sector, reduces costs for all parties involved and is the basis for new business and mobility models.

Vehicle fleet managers, leasing companies, insurance companies, used car dealers and many others are given completely new opportunities by Twinner to redefine their traditional businesses. Especially for the vehicle remarketing sector, new potentials for holistic online marketing are opened up.

Our operational approach

Our first investment in Twinner took place shortly after the company was founded in 2017. Over two funding rounds, we have so far supported Twinner not only with growth capital, but also in the role of a strategic partner. In particular, our strong industry expertise in the automotive sector has enabled us to provide advice and support to the company at all times, for example in structuring financing rounds or finding co-investors and strategic partners.

The results

Since its founding in 2017, Twinner has been able to raise a larger eight-figure investment sum over several financing rounds. For example, as recently as mid-2021, the company successfully closed a Series B for more than EUR 40 million with renowned investors to continue its strong growth trajectory. The team of now more than 100 experts has not only developed the technology to market readiness, but has also been able to convince its first industrial customers, including industry giants such as the Renault Group. The Japanese industrial and automotive conglomerate Sojitz Corporation was also won over as an investor and strategic partner, particularly for the digitization of the Japanese automotive market.

And Twinner has now also established itself as an absolute hit among leading influencers in the automotive industry. Alexandra Hirschi, better known on social media as Supercar Blondie, was convinced after scanning a race car. For her, Twinner is “the most sophisticated car scanner in the world.”



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