Dr. Maren Gerasch

Investment Manager

Dr. Maren Gerasch

Dr. Maren Gerasch is particularly focused on investments in the areas of industry 4.0, materials science, chemistry and mechanical engineering at bmp Ventures.

Maren has been working as an investment manager at bmp Ventures since 2015, having previously worked as an investment manager at IBG Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt and GoodVent Beteiligungsmanagement for many years in the investment business. After studying at the TU Magdeburg (1983-1987, Diplomingenieurökonom für Maschinenbau, Dr. oec.), she also previously worked as a credit specialist at Commerzbank AG.

Portfolio Companies

metraTec GmbH (Ademics)
intelligent fluids GmbH
TROVOtech GmbH
Seraplant GmbH