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Raydiax Team

The challenge

Raydiax is trying to do nothing less than revolutionise minimally invasive cancer treatment

For countless cancer patients, minimally invasive tumour treatment is a promising and life-saving medical tool. Millimetre-thin surgical instruments are brought to the tumour under imaging in order to remove or damage it locally.
However, interventional radiologists lack suitable image assistance systems optimised for the process in order to carry out these procedures gently and efficiently.

Raydiax has been focusing on the development of the TACT system, an innovative CT scanner optimised for interventional procedures, for several years now.

Prototype CT scanner (image source: Raydiax)

Why we invested

Solid tech and clear business models

Since 2017, when it was still in the pre-foundation phase and operating within Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, the Raydiax team has been researching technology to bring CT-guided cancer interventions into the 21st century. As part of numerous research projects, the technical foundations have been laid and a globally unique expertise has been built up.

  • We were particularly impressed by the significant preliminary scientific work and validation, which resulted in a functioning “pre-prototype” and a solid IP portfolio even before our investment.
  • This was only possible thanks to the extensive technical expertise of the team, which can justifiably count itself among the world’s experts in CT development, as well as close links to the world-class research network around the Stimulate Campus.
  • However, the founders not only impressed with their technical lead but also with their clear commercial understanding and knowledge of the market. They do not see their TACT system as a technology push, but have a clear focus on the user and their business model.

Our operational approach

As an early-stage deeptech investor with a track record of well over 250 technology investments, we do not shy away from complex and demanding financings.

We believe that disruptive technologies are not only the key to a sustainable and better future, but also represent attractive investment opportunities.

Based on our extensive experience of more than 25 years of venture capital, we are able to support early-stage teams in particular with all entrepreneurial challenges. We regularly work together with the Raydiax management on strategic topics related to corporate financing, market entry and team building.

Raydiax Team
Founder & development team (image source: Raydiax)

The results

With flying colours Raydiax has mastered the development process from an academically orientated university spin-off to a young start-up with a clear commercial focus. The team impresses us with the successful establishment of highly professional company structures and precise project planning.

Raydiax is technologically on track and is currently identifying clinical partners for initial tests. The team has also been able to convince public sponsors of its innovation and obtained further funding totalling over 1 million euros.

Raydiax’s technology development is a challenging task. However, in our opinion, the team is ideally positioned to disrupt the market for CT-guided interventions in the long term.


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