Learn more about our Investment Strategy. In the financing of our ventures, we regularly invest jointly with co-investors such as business angels, venture capital companies or banks.

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ACM Coatings GmbH
AMW GmbH (Endomedica GmbH)
Digital Republic Media Group GmbH
Emperra® GmbH
Flying Circus Internet Operations GmbH
Immunic AG
Infinite Devices GmbH
intelligent fluids GmbH
InvenSor GmbH
Lawio GmbH
Lipocalyx GmbH
Lost in The City GmbH
metraTec GmbH (Ademics)
MR confon GmbH
Novosom AG
OXID eSales AG
PerioTrap Pharmaceuticals GmbH
pure-systems GmbH
rhubarb technology GmbH
Scanbec GmbH
Seraplant GmbH
TROVOtech GmbH
Truck Norris GmbH
UniNow GmbH
Vivoryon Therapeutics AG