In addition to capital, we mainly invest in the strengthening of great entrepreneurs and enable our many years of expertise as well as our first-class network to the development of technology companies.

What does that mean in daily collaboration with bmp Ventures?

We support our portfolio companies from the first day through the following activies:

  • Sparring partner and partner-in-crime for all operational and strategic issues of the company's development
  • Free VC infrastructure for accounting, controlling, legal and human resources
  • Feedback and tuning of business models, marketing planning and sales activities as well as management processes
  • Establish and analyze the key value drivers and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the companies
  • Execution of company analysis and capital increases, including the creation of participation agreements and employee participation programs
  • Creation of an explosive pitch deck and financial planning to address other investors
  • Structuring of financial rounds, due diligence and exit processes
  • Acquisition of additional venture capital, mezzanine capital or borrowed capital
  • Term-sheet and exit negotiations at the company sale

We ensure an efficient networking of the entire bmp Portfolio Companies, since their challenges often overlap and this exchange can offer added value. For a more-relaxed get together, we organize annually the bmp Portfolio Day, in which all portfolio companies can meet and exchange with selected network partners.

bmp Ventures works closely with various (technology) partners to support the rapid scaling of our portfolio companies. In this vein, we enable multiple possibilites for the expansion of the technical infrastructure.