Our investment strategy focuses on scalable business models with Unique Selling Points (USP) and a clear dissociation from the current status quo. At the same time, we invest in companies from the following industries:

  • Internet/Software/Mobile
  • Life Science
  • Industry Technologies
  • Cleantech/Material Science
  • Consumer Products

Our investment decisions don‘t bet on the next unicorn! It is our aim to have a well-balanced and excellent development of the entire portfolio. The engaged support of our portfolio companies plays an important part in our success.

bmp Ventures in Figures
bmp Ventures in Figures

We are, in many ways, the first institutional investor of our Portfolio Companies. We finance their acceleration through the attainment of appreciable business goals, and their liquidity for at least 24 months. In this case, we invest as the lone lead-investor or together with co-investors from our wide-reaching network. As a rule, we don’t just invest once, but over several, even many, financial rounds according to the growth of the business. By doing this, we facilitate a solid business development in many steps. The average duration of our investments is 7 years, but can also be over 10 years depending on the technology.

In addition to capital, we mainly invest in the strengthening of great entrepreneurs and enable our many years of expertise as well as our first-class network to the development of technology companies (Smart Money).