Flying Circus - Portfolio Talk (Part 2)

In the second part of our "Portfolio Talk" series, we show you the progress of the bmp portfolio companies. Today: 5 questions to Christian Zagrodnick from Flying Circus

Who are you and what is your business?
My name is Christian Zagrodnick, and I am co-founder of Flying Circus. The Flying Circus ensures a smooth operation of business-critical applications and websites on the Internet. We rely on a unique combination of product (open source) and service - in response to today's complex and dynamic business needs.

How high was your financing round?
500.000 EUR

What have you achieved since the investment?
At first, we determined our price points with a study and afterwards fundamentally changed our pricing model. We can now quickly estimate a price tag during a preliminary talk and then take advantage of the willingness to pay of the customer by different configuration levels. Furthermore, we have revised the addressing of potential customers and multipliers with the help of an agency for brand communication. In particular, we wanted to clarify what constitutes the brand "Flying Circus". As a result, beyond technical details, we can now better communicate the value of our product. Both projects allowed us to sell our product better. Without investment, the study as well as the revision of the brand communication would not have been financially viable.

What were your concerns about the investment and what happened to it?
What happens if we run out of money because sales and marketing are not working? Meanwhile, we are cash-flow positive. But especially in difficult situations the cooperation with bmp was very straight and helpful.

What are your next challenges?
Sales must be repeatable – even without the founders. In particular, it will be challenging to find people who can distribute a product that is in need of an explanation repeatable.