Flying Circus - Portfolio Talk

In our "Portfolio Talk" series, we introduce you to the bmp portfolio companies. Today: 5 questions to Christian Zagrodnick from Flying Circus

Who are you and what is your business?
My name is Christian Zagrodnick, and I am co-founder of Flying Circus. The Flying Circus ensures a smooth operation of business-critical applications and websites on the Internet. We rely on a unique combination of product (open source) and service - in response to today's complex and dynamic business needs.

What is your vision and where do you see your company in 5 years?
In our niche, we want to continue to grow and build a solid business beyond the big cloud providers. We want software development companies and agencies to stop wondering where to run their apps and websites, but come to us.

What is your secret sauce in company set-up?
Even if founders like to get around it: A detailed liquidity and earnings planning is important. How long will my money last? Which options do I have to spend less or more money at what time? In short: solid finances, sound management, and not blindly following every hype.

Your biggest success so far?
Companies from very different sectors commit their business-critical software for operation to us. The range extends from big data startup to banks and aviation. Agencies and developers steadily encourage us by bringing their new projects to us, again and again.

Why did you choose bmp Ventures as partner?
We were not just looking for money, but looking for a partner with whom we can develop the business. The IBG funds in Saxony-Anhalt follow a sustainable investment strategy and bmp is always fair in dealing with their portfolio companies.