13. Nov 2017

Mathias Ressel, Investment Manager of bmp Ventures regarding TESVOLT – Why we invested

We have been involved with the TESVOLT GmbH fund managed by us since the end of the first quarter of this year. The fast-growing start-up from Wittenberg in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt develops and produces innovative battery storage systems. As part of our commitment, several million Euros of venture capital are flowing into the company.

The following points were crucial for our investment decision:

6. Nov 2017

Jannis Friedag, Investment Manager at bmp, about the right amound of financing which you should seek.

24. Jul 2017

David Stuck, Analyst at bmp Ventures, has broken down this challenge and created a pitch deck which provides structure, content and a splash of secret sauce. Take a look at the slides, inspire yourself and raise your chances with a cutting-edge pitch deck that will get your startup funded!

21. Jul 2017

A lot has changed about bmp! First of all, our name is now bmp Ventures (previously we were called bmp Beteiligungsmanagement). Simpler, shorter and crisper. We are a Venture Capitalist, so why not tone that up in our name too? But changing our name was just the first step: we‘ve also improved our website and you can now see and judge the results yourself! Scroll through the menu and explore the new structure.